The US-Israel Relations Program (TUSIP)

A go-to policy-oriented “do-tank” for training and education for decision-makers in both countries, in the field of the bilateral relations between the United States and Israel.


Ambassador Alon Pinkas

Co-Founder and Co-Director


Dr Ronen Hoffman

Co-Founder and Co-Director


Our Mission Statement & Method of Operation

The unique alliance between the U.S, and Israel is a strategic asset for both countries and is of major significance for their national security interests. TUSIP was established to address this particular and urgent topic in a time when both countries' political systems are undergoing tectonic changes.


This Program, founded with the Joseph R. Biden JR. School of Public Policy and administration, aims to turn ideas developed today into the foreign policies of tomorrow. By producing short and long-term analyses and policy recommendations for relevant decision-makers in the U.S.-and Israel, TUSIP translates experience and academic based knowledge into an effective practical action plan.

TUSIP applies a multidisciplinary approach in addressing the challenges and opportunities of the bilateral relations between Israel and the United States in an operational manner. TUSIP utilizes the expertise and knowledge bases of its founding institutes in applying a multidisciplinary analysis, focusing on setting practical goals and measurable results for the topics at stake.

The U.S.-Israel Relations program is unique in its direct access to decision-makers and their closest professional and political circles. This program’s leadership’s deep professional connections with prominent figures in the governmental and political echelons in Israel and the U.S.,  ensures that TUSIP’s policy recommendations always reach relevant decision-makers and people of influence.

Focus Areas

(1) Systematically map relevant power centers and key figures in both countries by building a dynamic, up-to-date database. (2) Identify, monitor, assess and analyze significant political and societal trends in both countries, on both the Federal and State levels, that may have an impact on bilateral relations. (3) Develop an interactive archive that covers aspects of U.S.-Israel relations.

Knowledge building and trend-tracking

(1) reaching out to U.S. and Israeli leaders, politicians, legislators, government officials, journalists, experts, heads of relevant organizations and the general public, to raise awareness and educate about the strategic importance of the relationship for both countries. (2) Advocating for the U.S. support for Israel in the UN and in other international organizations (3) Holding conferences, seminars, workshops and round tables with experts, scholars, officials and decision-makers from both countries.

Educate and inform

Advise decision-makers in both countries and provide on-going policy recommendations on core issues of U.S.-Israel relation and Regional matters such as U.S. policy towards the Middle East – analysis of both challenges and opportunities in a shifting strategic environment, and on U.S. policy regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

U.S.- Israel Policies

strengthening the relations between American Jewry and Israel, as well as the relationship between Israel and growing political awareness and significance communities in the U.S.  (Hispanics/Latinos, African Americans, Asian-Americans, religious communities and others).

Public Diplomacy


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