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The Abba Eban Institute operates a wide range of programs that combine in-depth research with a practical approach. As a proactive research institute, we make sure that each one of our programs will include hands-on diplomatic experience and practical policy implementation

  • Developing a state-of-the-art technological toolbox for a proactive, hybrid and innovative diplomacy.

    The Policy and Technology Program

  • Taking diplomacy from today to tomorrow by creating the tools and methods of Innovative Diplomacy that bring all professionals in the field together

    The Diplomacy 2030 Program

  • The leading knowledge base that shapes and supports Israel’s engagement with Asia in the 21st century, through innovative, evidence-based solutions for risks and opportunities presented by the Asian continent

    The Asia-Israel Policy Program

  • The only platform in Israel for comprehensive, deep yet accessible discussions and analysis of all matters relating to diplomacy and foreign relations.

    The Arena Magazine

  • A go-to policy-oriented “do-tank” for training and education for decision-makers in both countries, in the field of the bilateral relations between the United States and Israel

    The US-Israel Relations Program

  • Act-IL leads an online community that acts on social media platforms, fighting antisemitism and positively influencing the narrative regarding Israel

    The Act-IL Initiative

  • Educating the future generations of diplomats and related eco-system, by providing deep theoretical understanding alongside practical tools in the field

    The Academic Program

  • Utilizing the power of new and traditional media to support the strategic goals of the institute

    The Media Operations Department

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