The Impact of Hezbollah Designation as a Terrorist Organization on Bilateral Ties with Lebanon

Daniel Cohen

Hezbollah’s criminal financing and efforts to implement its radical ideology have violated a myriad of local and international norms. Its criminal network has established deep roots on every continent and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal trade to support its destructive agenda. Designating Hezbollah as a terrorist organization has become twofold in respect to the separate designations of the military and political wings. This distinction between Hezbollah’s military and political wings not only impedes the global effort to stop its expansion. Without full designation of both military and political wings, Hezbollah continues its illicit and deadly activities under legal cover. This research analyzed several data sets dated 1997 - 2017, evaluating the bilateral ties Lebanon has with countries that have either partially or fully designated Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.

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