Academic Internships

The Abba Eban Institute for International Diplomacy offers several outstanding internship programs for passionate students and young professionals who are considering a career in Diplomacy, International Relations and their intersections with the media.


This is a unique opportunity to reach a deeper understanding of the Foreign Policy arena, gain hands-on experience, and get an insider's view of the fascinating world of international diplomacy. The internships offer students from Israel and abroad a chance to work closely with leading professionals in the field and participate in a wide range of workshops, tours, and lectures.

If you’re passionate about international diplomacy, you are sure to find a program that suits your interests and skills


Individual unpaid internships are also available on an ad hoc basis

Young professionals with relevant knowledge and experience can contact the Institute and express their wish to intern without pay at a specific program

Oded Raanan

The Institute's internship coordinator

Acceptance depends on the applicant's skills, the Institute's needs, and the availability of positions in the desired program

Learn more about our internship programs

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