About the

Abba Eban Institute

Our Vision

The Abba Eban Institute will serve as a leading source of knowledge and expertise, in Israel and abroad, on innovative thinking and practices in the fields of diplomacy and foreign relations, with the aim of revolutionizing the way foreign services around the world practice diplomacy, today and in the future


Our Mission Statement and State of Mind

The Abba Eban Institute for International Diplomacy at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at IDC Herzliya, together with the Samson Chair for Israeli Public Diplomacy, is a proactive research center, working to study, theorize, and eventually help craft an innovative, effective, and proactive diplomatic infrastructure for the State of Israel, in order to strengthen its international relations and diplomatic influence through proactive actions



We are more than a think tank, but a “do tank”. We provide professional knowledge and expertise for decision makers, opinion leaders and the general public, aiming to reinvent practices in the fields of Diplomacy and Foreign Relations and mitigate today’s needs and challenges


From Theory to Practice

We make information and research available with the purpose of turning it into a practical, actionable plan. The ideas developed by the institute today will become the foreign policies of tomorrow


Multidisciplinary Approach

We examine a long list of strategies and tools while focusing on practical goals and measurable results. Our programs offer short- and long-term solutions to a broad range of challenges across different sectors within and outside of Israel


Introducing InnoDip: Innovative Diplomacy

Innovative Diplomacy leans on revolutionary thinking, advanced technological implementation, and an original state of mind. The Abba Eban Model for Innovative Diplomacy was built following extensive research and is based on years of experience and the belief that innovation can create a bridge between different cultures and countries. Our unique Innovative Diplomacy Model forms and strengthens relationships and collaborations in Israel and beyond

What is Innovative Diplomacy?

According to the Abba Eban institute Model, Innovative Diplomacy consists of three vectors:


Groundbraking thinking


Technological applications


Distribution of innovation

Abba Eban Axis of Operation

Our Goal


Operational measurable



Multy-Layered interdisciplinary

Action Plan


Multidisciplinary innovative Diplomacy-oriented cross-sector



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